Hein's 2015 list


It's that time of year again where this site gets its annual newsupdate with my top releases... things you might have missed and should check out now are...


15. Screeching Weasel: Baby Fat Act 1 (Recess)
14. Stabbed In Back: Dasvidaniya (Dying Scene)
13. Not On Tour: Bad Habits (Effervescence / Diner Junkie)
12. The Hextalls: Play With Heart (Self-released?)
11. The Decline: Resister (Pee)
10. Rehasher: Make the Noise (Moathouse)
09. Pears: Go To Prison (Fat Wreck)
08. Local Resident Failure: This Here's The Hard Part (Pee)
07. Hightime: Mother Crab (Pee)
06. Millencolin: True Brew (Epitaph)
05. Strung Out: Transmission.Alpha.Delta (Fat Wreck)
04. Good Riddance: Peace In Our Time (Fat Wreck)

03. Break Anchor: In A Van Down By The River (Paper + Plastic)
02. Timeshares: Already Dead (SideOneDummy)
01. toyGuitar: In This Mess (Fat Wreck)

Honorable: Teenage Bottlerocket, Jeff Rosenstock, Red City Radio, Success, Western Settings, Spraynard, Handguns, Rozwell Kid, Light Years, Leftöver Crack, Captain We're Sinking, The Max Levine Ensemble


4. For I Am: 15 Minutes Late
3. The All Brights: Are Wild For The Night
2. Western Addiction: I'm Not The Man That I Thought I'd Be
1. The Sigourney Weavers: Chemical Imbalance


5. Rancid @ Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas
4. Not On Tour @ Groezrock McBeth
3. The Freeze in Antwerp
2. Timeshares in Gestel and Diest
1. Swingin' Utters and toyGuitar in Brussels

Things I'm looking out for in 2016:

3. Dillinger Four live for the first time @ Groezrock 2016
2. New PUP album
1. New Face To Face album recorded @ The Blasting Room