Growing old


Hello there lonesome punker. Still visiting this site?

Well... a few days ago I was wondering myself how long ago I started this website. Although it first ran under a "" domain the first few years since 1998 (you can still see some remains from that here:, the domain-name "" was acquired March 1st, 2001 according to  So I guess we soon should be celebrating our 15th "technical" anniversary. 

Since Hanne and Bjorn quit updating this site some time ago I'm aware there's not really a lot to celebrate these days, but I'm really considering picking up that release calendar one more time. I saw some people doing their best to make their own calendar on Facebook but as I experienced numerous times, people don't continue their efforts too well. Also I noticed that none of the bigger punkwebsites keep a good track of them anymore.

Unfortunately I'm not really crazy about the current database structure that was implemented by my former colleagues and would actually really prefer to go back to my former database-structures and look of the site. Now I should have a backup of how that looked, but I'm too stupid to put it back online again. Maybe you're that lonesome punker that would want to help me out with some coding and get this thing back on the wheels again. Just give me a shout.

Whatever, I might consider getting it back up here no matter how from March 1st...